Friday, January 22, 2010

Harry Potter Scarf (SS/CoS)


2 skeins red heart super saver in soft navy
2 skeins red heart super saver in lt. gray
Sz. 8 16 in. circ
yarn needle
crochet hook


Using navy, c/o 72 sts.
Work in stockinette stitch switching colors every 21 rounds until 21 stripes are completed. Bind off.
Cut yarn into 14 in. pieces, enough for fringe.
Use the crochet hook and in groups of 4 fringe the ends together alternating colors.
Wear and enjoy.


  1. Now is there a reason why you did Gray for Ravenclaw instead of the Bronze indicated in the book?

  2. She probably used gray for Ravenclaw because that is the color they use in the movies. :)